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Hadrianvs: a digital gateway

to the Dutch presence in Rome through the ages


From Antiquity onwards, visitors from the Low Countries left numerous traces of their presence in the Eternal City. As pilgrims they founded their own churches; as scholars and painters they gave testimony to the many faces of Rome in ideas and artworks. Some even reached the highest echelons of Roman society, such as Pope Adrian VI. Protagonists in the making of a Dutch cultural and artistic identity from Erasmus to Escher spent formative periods in Rome, and their works bear the marks of this cultural exchange and confrontation.

Rome’s heritage is also a Dutch heritage, and Dutch culture is also the culture of Rome.

HADRIANVS makes this heritage accessible for the first time in a user-friendly digital environment, suitable for researchers and the general public.


A project launched by the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR)